Chances are you’ve heard about blogs am I right…? A blog short for “Web-Log” is a sort of Online Journal where the owner can share their thoughts, views, news and anything they want in general In the beginning most blogs were just small personal sites and the topics covered were very general. With the evolution of Niche Marketing there are now more and more blogs pertaining to specific topics popping up everywhere.

Before you get bored with this article let me tell you 5 major reasons you should consider starting your own MLM blog about your Networking Marketing products or opportunity.

Reason #1 – Simplicity. That’s right… Blogs are extremely easy to setup and for the most part can be created with just a few clicks of your mouse button. Navigating and customizing your blog are fairly easy. Your most difficult task will be providing continuous relevant information. There are plenty of blog providers on the web where you can register for free and have your MLM blog up and running within minutes. Some of the more popular blogging platforms would be Blogger.Com, Typepad.Com, and WordPress. Most of the blog providers will even host your blog for free so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Reason #2 – Leverage. A well maintained MLM blog could provide you with a great amount of leverage in the search engines. Because people tend to update their blogs regularly with new information search engines keep a very keen eye on them. The more content and information about your MLM niche that you can post on your blog the more leverage you will gain. This is a long term strategy and traffic generation method you can use as a lead generation stream and ultimately earn money by monetizing the traffic you’ll receive. Imagine if your site was ranked highly in the search engines for some high traffic keywords related to your MLM opportunity or products. Everybody wants their MLM sites to be in that position and getting your own blog up and running is a big step in the right direction. You cannot gain any leverage when you are promoting your company replicated sites.

Reason #3 – Credibility. If you post good information, articles and news about your chosen industry on your blog regularly your credibility will obviously rise. Your website visitors will regard you and your site as an excellent source of information about your opportunity or products and will keep coming back to your site again and again. Repeat traffic is one of the best kinds. As you gain more leverage in the search engines more people will be exposed to your blog and your credibility can continue to rise. Your credibility isn’t going to skyrocket over night but you can definitely reap rewards from your MLM blogging efforts in only a few short months if you work diligently at providing great information and update your frequently. Thats the catch 22… Once you start to post great information you’ll have to keep doing it if you want the site to be a success. Your visitors will rely on you to keep them updated and informated. If you slack off so will they and stop visiting your site.

Reason #4 – Residual Income. For a beginner in the Online market place there is nothing easier then earning some residual income with your blog. The easiest way to do this is with Google Adsense. The AdSense program will allow you to place Google ads on your MLM blog. The AdSense system will serve only ads related to your content. MLM is a great market for this as there are thousands of advertisers and you can really earn money quickly. I have one MLM related blog that earns several hundred dollars a month from AdSense alone. In addition to Google AdSense there are several other ways you can monetize your blog traffic such as Chikita and Yahoo or even promoting affiliate products related to MLM. Blogs are an excellent way for a beginner to start earning a little money from the web. If you work at it.. It could turn into a lot more.

Reason #5 – Prospecting Tool. Once established your blog will provide you with an excellent stream of traffic that you can turn into prospects. . As you continue to build your credibility your blog will become more of an authority site on your chosen topic. You’ll have a never ending stream of visitors that you can expose your MLM business and products to. Blogs are often overlooked as prospecting tools but they are in fact one of the best ways on the net for a beginner or relative newcomer to the Internet Marketing world to get started. It’s just another way for Network Marketers to meet new people.