Every blogger runs into a block once in a while. It’s bound to happen when you are writing on one topic for a long period of time, the well just dries up. So where do you get ideas for fresh posts? This article will explore the various ways that you can get inspired to write again.

Most bloggers find that it really helps to read other blogs. If your regular reads just don’t kick anything off in your mind, you can go to Technorati and search all tags that relate to your theme quitewish.com. Just reading what others in your area are writing can sometimes spark a post on your own blog. You might write about the same topic (it’s considered polite to link to the original blog if you do this) or a post might give you an idea for a completely different topic.

Another way to get ideas is to get off the computer and go out for a bit. Just the change of scenery and pace can help you clear your mind and get some new ideas. Take the kids to the park, go do some grocery shopping, etc. It all helps if you are blocked.

Watch the news. Sometimes a news story is just what you need to get you writing again. Even if you don’t have a current events blog, you might be able to twist a news story into something relevant to your blog theme. For example, if you write about raising children and you are watching a news story about terrorism at home, you could turn that into a post on how to protect your children from terrorism.

Keep an idea file. This is very handy. All you really need is a Word document where you write down ideas for future posts when they occur to you. Then, when you are stuck for ideas, you only need to open the document and choose and idea to write about. If you are putting down ideas, make sure you add any relevant links that you have already come across.