Gamers come from all walks of life. You have the diehard gamers that practically live their life on the net chatting with friends, developing strategies, overtaking worlds, demolishing rivals and gaining rank. The open game player isn’t solely attached to one particular game, likes to try new games, and plays a variety of online versions or board versions of games they have played before or new experiences. The experimenters are probably new to games in the online version (Haven’t quite experienced the pain of slow internet or disconnections) and are probably searching for an experience that brings excitement and fills the void of the problem of nothing to do.

Electronic chess versus video gaming is really a matter of taste, intellect, and level of distraction and stress you F95ZONE can handle. I would say there are times we all enjoy a good bombing, gun fight, speed race or warfare! There are also occasions when we could use a relaxing slow paced experience like chess or other strategy games where we can chat, use intelligence and knowledge of the game and it’s skill to meet new people and take on new opponents and grow from the game. I encourage all gamers to try both sides of the fence the high octane, explosive, action packed world of war and the strategic, slower paced, thought provoking games now available online.

What would be the main reason to play chess, cards, or dice games online. Chess itself is a game of prestige and fun to play online but enjoyed more I think face to face starring down your opponent, measuring his IQ and strategy over conversation, and reveling in the defeat. This is a game of friends and offers an edge you can’t find in electronic chess versus video games, kind of like paintball versus online paintball. Plus playing and getting good at card, chess, and dice games online could polish your skills for the day’s your camping, or out of town far from internet, times you end up playing cards with the family or friends or when you end up in a possible tournament. There are also some benefits in Vegas but that’s another article!

Electronic chess versus video games really isn’t a competition against the two forms of gaming but how you want to push yourself. The US military uses video gaming to sharpen the minds of its soldiers and the officers and NCO’s also have been known to play games that thought and intellect are dominant such as Chess. How do you want to push yourself today? It seems the older we become the less stress we want to encounter and electronic chess is a perfect get away from blowing up opponents.

I encourage anyone who likes to play games to keep an open mind because there was a day that I hated eating broccoli now I don’t mind it with butter or cheese. Games are such a good way to learn and the future holds lots of great learning experiences for you and so many forms to play them, from board games, 3d games, games that promote exercise and motion games that will blow your mind. The virtual world may not be totally here yet but it is just around the corner so experiment the differences and embrace the challenges of electronic chess versus video games!