What is the biggest revolution in project leadership today? Millions of people around the world have project oversight as one of their primary functions PMP certification. More and more people are becoming skilled in the foundational principles that can lead to project success. Even with that in mind, though, where can we look for the single biggest change in the world of projects?

The fundamentals of project team work have been available to business for a long time. Only now, however, are they all beginning to be drawn together in terms of a cohesive package that can truly change the way things are done. At small businesses and global enterprises, things are starting to evolve for the better.

When you look at the software used by your business, it’s easy to think of it as a cost center. However, software can save money… and good project leadership applications can save on significant licensing fees by centralizing the functions that once belonged to multiple applications.

Document management is a challenging part of any project. Over the weeks and months, your project team will no doubt generate reams of paper keeping up with the latest project changes and making arguments for potential adjustments. With an app, it becomes easier to share and manage files so you no longer have to juggle email, document management systems, and more.