You might not recognize a goalie when he was walking down the street, but as soon as you saw him on the ice, you’d know who he was thanks to the distinctive ice hockey goalie helmets and pads that he wears in practice and games. Goalies are a unique player on the ice, and they have entirely different equipment than everyone else. Here’s a quick guide to two of the most important basic types of that equipment, the helmet and the ice hockey goalie pads.

With ice hockey goalie helmets, you have a full frontal mask made from a fortified, solid material which also goes over the entire top of the head. This is to protect you from all of those hard shots which come at you quicker than you can imagine. It’s a far cry from the days where goalies didn’t wear any masks, and then, only wore very small, thin and partial face masks.

Today’s ice hockey goalie helmets aren’t just about protection though, although that’s the primary concern. Today, they’re bout style and personality. So even at young ages and relatively low levels of the sport, goalies will have their helmets designed with various colors, prints and patterns, shapes or designs China Ice Hockey, and more.

The top brands of gear like Bauer will showcase literally dozens of different helmets for sale. These will be in a few basic models, but then in a wide number of style variations so each person can pick out the one that matches them the best.

Moving onto ice hockey goalie pads, and there are several different important items and pieces here. Your chest protector is much different than the shoulder pads a player wears. These have bulkier, sturdier padding, and they don’t stop at the chest, they go all the way down over the midsection to offer more robust protection.

With your lead hand, you’ll be holding your stick. Over that forearm will be your big blocker pad, to steer away pucks. On your other hand, you’ll have the great hockey catching glove, which is also padded and is sturdy enough to handle those fast, powerful shots. Finally, over both of your legs will be thick, rectangular pads which offer you protection and also increased shot-stopping capabilities.

Of course, there are other accessories that goalies will utilize for protection. This includes optional chin and neck coverage which can be attached to the helmets themselves, and of course, you never want to step on the rink without your cup in place. From mouthpieces to other additional accessories, there’s a wide range of equipment you may be considering as a goalie.

Today’s ice hockey goalie helmets and pads will offer complete protection. They’ll also enable you to showcase a bit of personality and style while you’re out there as well, especially with the helmet. So find the gear that matches your specific tastes and preferences and then you’ll look the part the next time you take the ice.