Have you considered what a capsicum or a tomato looks like? It’s red, generally has four chambers, and it reminds us of the heart. It’s a striking resemblance in that respect. You can look around and say that it’s so strikingly obvious once you think about it. In fact, in medicines today, they say that they’ve got lycopene in it, which is really Latin for red. Capsicum and tomatoes are full of these chemicals or lycopene, which are great for the heart and your blood. So when you get back to basics and look at whole foods, not just for study but as a basis for our own existence, the building blocks in which we really represent ourselves, these foods target these parts of the body. In harmony they work lofet and allow your body to flourish, heal itself, and to rid itself of disease. That’s the beauty of whole foods.

I mentioned before that our body could be likened to a machine. If that’s the case then, if you’ve got a motor vehicle, it’s very important that you put the right fuel into it, the right gasoline or petrol. You also need to use the right oils. Otherwise, the engine will seed up and it will get some sort of carbonics on the inside and build up, which needs to be cleaned up every now and then. The same could be represented towards our body as well. If you eat the wrong foods or the wrong fuel into your body, then you’re bound to get some sort of plaque build-up in the tubes and pipes inside of your body. If you could imagine that your body is similar to an engine, it is full of tubes which carry oils and fuels and water here and there to different parts. Now, if one of those tubes stops working to its full capacity, then the rest of the engine seems to suffer. It doesn’t get enough oxygen or coolant through water. It doesn’t get enough oil through certain areas, and it can really cause some damage to your engine. The same is for your body if you don’t feed it with the correct whole foods targeting certain parts of your body. All of a sudden, you’re creating a restriction or a plaque build-up, which means that other parts of your body have to work overtime and extra hard to try and deal with these major problems. It’s all about working in harmony and allowing your body to work in harmony. That’s what natural whole foods can do.

As you can see, whole foods are a really important and exciting topic. There is just so much in it, and if you can do more research into whole foods and signature foods in particular, then you will really see that it is such an exciting topic. I really hope that your diet is what it should be, and I hope you’re taking whole foods seriously in your life.

You know, it’s funny that when people get sick, they worry about getting some sort of medicine or visiting the doctor to find out what’s wrong with them. Whereas, if they take a step back and look at their diet first, they would see if they have the right amount of balance in their meals. They would ascertain if they are sick because they really let themselves go and they’ve not quite got the amount of whole food in their diet. We’re going to consider these things as we’re going through and analyze our own health. It is a very serious topic because life is not a test drive, it is actually that. It is life. You need to make sure that we’re on top of these things. Now I’m not saying you have to be perfect every second and every minute of every day. What I’m saying is that we need to take it seriously, and if whole foods are a staple part of the diet and we’re doing our best to maintain the seven principles of health in our lives, then we wouldn’t have a problem. But if something does come up and we need to deal with it, whether it’d be some sort of minor disease or ailment which needs to be addressed, then we could look firstly at our diet and whole foods and go back towards the study of the ancients and look at how that can really help us through in maintaining and helping us cure whatever ailment we do have. Whole food is certainly one of the major keys.

Now there was a scientist way back and he came up with a couple of laws, I think his name was Isaac Newton, and he says, “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In terms of today, it is cause and effect. If you do something, it will have an effect on you or to others. If you don’t eat the right foods, then you will basically affect your health life later on. That’s cause and effect. We’ve got to be careful that we’re not putting ourselves on the wrong track or go down too far that we can’t come back. But with a good diet and with proper maintenance to the seven principles of health, we will certainly allow our body to keep regenerating itself and heal itself through the natural processes which they were meant to be. So ask yourself these questions: What is your diet? Are you doing your best for your own health and living? Is it your health and living that you’re concerned with? Is it your diet? Is it the amount of junk food that you might be having? Do you relish in the fact that whole foods can really help you, or are you one of these people who look at health foods and whole foods and think they’re disgusting or unappealing? Or do you look at it in such a way that it can be a great part of your diet because it can really help you? These are the things we need to consider as we go through right through our life. It is not a test drive, as we mentioned before. It is life. We need to feed our body with the correct foods. We’ve got every opportunity to move forward and live a healthy life.