There are probably many men out there who are thinking of gifts for loved ones that will make a romantic day even more special. And, in many men, the very thought of choosing just the right something special is already inducing panic. And while many men know – or believe they know – what might suit a girlfriend’s tastes, there are a few simple tips and hints to make the decision just a bit easier.

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Luxury jewellery is always a good choice for any occasion, and for any woman. Not only is it beautiful and something most women long to have, it also shows a true investment in a serious relationship. Best of all, there are so many pieces, styles and designs of luxury jewellery that it is possible to find just the right piece for any woman buy gold in abu dhabi. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings have always been wonderful gifts, and are treasured for the sentiment with which they are given. Chose right, and this gift could be a beautiful, unique reminder of a wonderful day.

Fine silver jewellery is a stylish and affordable alternative to platinum or gold. In fact, many women prefer the colour and lustre of silver to any other metal. Best of all, fine silver jewellery can perhaps be even more unique than luxury jewellery in design and style. Fine silver pieces are easy to find, though it may take a search to find just the right piece for that special someone. With silver, there are the same options of pieces, with the added benefit of being able to choose antique, aged or shiny silver.

If you want to be different, then some cool tragus jewellery will certainly help. Becoming popular from about 2005 onwards, tragus piercing is now one of the best ways of showing your own personality and style, and there is a wide range of tragus bars and other cartilage jewellery that will help you to stamp your own style on the way you look.

Some go for multiple ear piercings, some for lips and noses, but the tragus is chic and not as obvious and offers an understated form of ear piercing that enables you to try out a wonderfully massive range of different types of funky tragus jewellery to make your own personal stamp in your crowd.

Perhaps you have already had piercings in the usual places, and want something new. The tragus would fit that bill perfectly, and whatever you wear now you will be sure to find tragus jewellery to match it or contrast with it. On the other hand, if you want a piercing a bit different from you usual ear lobe, but don’t want to go as far as the nose or lips, then a tragus piercing will be perfect for you, understated just enough to keep fussy parents happy, but chic and cool enough to enable you to fit in perfectly with the rest of your crew.

Follow all the instructions provided by the piercer and in a few weeks you will be able to choose from a wonderful selection of tragus bars, barbells, hoops, studs, mini flesh tunnels – the lot. All designed for that small nub of cartilage at the entrance to your ear. One of the best materials to get started with on your tragus piercing is PTFE. This material will help with the healing process of a new piercing as it is non-stick so the jewellery can be rotated. PTFE is also light weight and very biocompatible and used extensively as an implant material.

When thinking of flesh tunnels, don’t make the mistake that some do and try to stretch or gauge your tragus piercing to accommodate large-bore flesh tunnels. The cartilage that makes up the tragus is more substantial than the skin and flesh of an earlobe, and you can do irreparable damage to your ears if you try to gauge a tragus in the usual way – by using tapers and gradually increasing the diameter of the hole. This is not intended for cartilage piercings.