It’s not that making an iPhone app is very easy. You need to deeply understand the iPhone SDK tutorial and implement all the software kit aptly in your app development process. However if you dream to get lots of profits through your iPhone app, then making a nice iPhone app is just half the work done.

The biggest thing is to get your app approved at the Apple store. Getting an app published in the iTunes App Store can sometimes be a complex and frustrating process to carry out ios app reviews buy. Given the complex restrictions and guidelines set by Apple, it is common to see even a nice app being rejected for unexpected reasons. So, here are some tips that will help you avoid some common mistakes the developers make while submitting an app to the iTunes store. This list will also help you to make your submission process as smooth as possible.

Apple has published some App store Review guidelines and Human Interface Guidelines which describe the rules to design a user-friendly interface compliant with Apple requirements. By following these rules, the developer can be sure that the app will provide a superior user experience and thus won’t be rejected from the App Store for design issues.

Apple loves simplicity, that’s why it sometimes rejects apps that appear to be complicated. Get down to the basics and remove the unnecessary frills. Remember that the initial app approval process is what takes the most time. Once approved, you can easily update your app with some advanced features through later releases in future. If you can’t simplify your app because it is complex naturally, that’s fine but never complicate a process unnecessarily.