A gift of gourmet tea is a wonderful way to remember someone’s special occasion. No two gift baskets are ever going to be exactly the same, so in a way you are giving a one of a kind gift! It’s easy to find a professional gift basket shop online, who will work with you to make sure that the tea gift basket that you have pictured in your mind will come to fruition with just a bit of effort and creativity. Your recipient will be delighted, and so will you!

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A gift of tea can be small or large – the choice is yours. Often, tea gifts are packed into baskets or wicker hampers for presentation purposes. These can be reused long after the tea has been enjoyed 花茶茶葉, and can be a reminder of your generosity every time there is an occasion to use them.

A nice-sized tea gift hamper could consist of the hamper itself, about the size of a small suitcase. Artfully arranged in the hamper could be a lovely tea pot, made out of fine porcelain and hand painted with beautiful pink and yellow roses.

Two matching tea cups and saucers along with a matching sugar bowl and creamer pitcher are placed on either side of the tea pot. 2 elegant little gold demitasse spoons, and a variety of different types of tea, such as Black, Green, Herbal, and White that you can personally choose with some help from the tea pros, if you so desire.

Rounding out the basket are some elegant little tea cookies in strawberry, raspberry, and lemon flavors. Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful gift hamper?

You might decide that you want to give a gift that’s a little different from the usual type of tea gift. Use your imagination! How about a tea chest? These are used for storing your favorite teas, and are made from beautiful solid woods such as cherry, oak, or walnut. Tea chests are divided into small compartments on the inside, each one just large enough to hold several tea bags.

The larger the tea chest, the more of these compartments it will have. You can choose the teas to include with the tea chest, and an assortment is recommended as the variety looks so nice in the chest. Tea chests are quite durable, and will last for many years. You can have the recipient’s name and/or the date engraved on a small brass plaque to go on the front of the chest, if you would like.

A tea caddy follows the same principal of the tea chest – to keep the tea fresh – but does it on a much smaller scale. You can find tea caddies made from wood, brass, pewter, and silver. Each caddy will hold several ounces of loose tea. Or, how about a lovely tea pot accompanied by some delicious tea as a gift? You can’t go wrong with a tea pot, as a good one is the start to a perfect cup of tea, and will last almost forever.

A personal tea pot is also a cute idea. A small ceramic pot, meant to hold enough tea for around two cups, is outfitted with an infuser basket for use with loose tea. These are invaluable, as it eliminates the need for a strainer or a tea ball, and keeps shreds of tea out of your cup. And of course, what’s a personal tea pot without tea? Choose the tea flavors depending on the personality of the person who will be receiving this lovely tea gift, or surprise them with a new variety of tea that you know they have never tried before.

Have you seen the lovely clear glass tea pots? These are beloved by tea connoisseurs, as they can watch the brewing process and keep an eye on the color of the tea. An experienced tea maven can tell when tea has steeped enough merely by checking the color! The clear glass teapots are outfitted with an infuser that is made out of metal, and the entire system makes a stunning cup of tea.

Do you know someone who enjoys tea and cookies every afternoon? If so, here’s a gift that they will be thrilled with – a Tea and Cookies tea gift basket! They won’t know what to look at first, as a basket like this is usually full of goodies! A plethora of different teas, including Breakfast tea, Peach tea, Earl Grey tea, Darjeeling tea, Orange Pekoe tea. Mint tea, and Chamomile tea. As for cookies, there are Vanilla Almond, Pecan Shortbread, Butter Cookies, Sugar Cookies, and Mexican Wedding Cookies. What a lovely combination for that special someone!

For a very British gift, how about a Scone mix, along with some Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam? And, of course, a lovely Black Ceylon tea to complement the freshly baked scones. Your tea gift recipient will be thinking that this is Heaven on Earth!