On that special we all want to look like a princess, we want to have all eyes on us and especially we want that the love of your life to remember the way you look that night. The perfect makeup for a bride is very special, long lasting, looks amazing in photographs and is timeless. The bottom line we want to look at those pictures ten years from now and still love the way we look.

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First there are some makeup rules to make the perfect makeup for a bride. Never left your makeup trial for the day of the wedding, there is a reason why it should be a makeup trial before the grand day 洗頭水推薦. It allows the bride to try looks that make her feels secure, beautiful and comfortable. The suggested time to do a makeup trial is about six-week earlier the wedding. Some nice touch to the family is to make an appointment for a makeup trial for the family and friends so they can look comfortable. The perfect makeup for a bride should have enough color to compensate the wedding dress. Remember there should be a difference between the everyday makeup and the wedding day makeup as the difference between the everyday cloths and the wedding dress.

Time is the key for the perfect makeup for a bride, in your planning add an hour for the makeup application on the weeding day. Establish your makeup station close to a window or close to a very bright lamp. Prepare the skin, use a good moisturizer avoid sun screen because it will give your makeup a flash off look. They reflect too much light under the flash photography. Give life to your eyes, using correctors and concealers to brighten any darkness on them. Even out your skin tone by using a yellow toned foundation, this also helps you in the photos because flash photography emphasized pink tones. Start around the nose and mouth and where there’s any redness and then blend it to the rest of the face, especially at the corners of the eyes cameras make makeup lines more visible. After blending the foundation and concealer apply some sheer powder this help to set them both. This is an amazing tip because it also makes your makeup last longer and reduces shine, the key for the perfect makeup for a bride. Another tip with a gown that has an open neckline is recommendable to warm up the neck and chest by using bronzing powder the key here is a light dusting. This assures a balance look between the face and the body.

Let’s apply some color, use two shades of blush. First a neutral shade on the apples of your cheeks, blending up into the hairline then down to soften. Then use a little bit of a brighter blush just on the apples of the cheeks, finish with the shimmer to add a highlighted effect. Natural, pale or brown color lipstick disappear in the pictures is better if you use one that is one or two tones brighter than what you normally use. Use that neutral color as a base for your lips then apply a pink or rose on top, for those that use dark lipstick apply as a base and lift its color with a brighter pink on top. Pink, roses and plums are perfect for brides. Another tip to make your lipstick last longer use a lip pencil, line and fill in your lips before applying your lipstick.

Add color and shape to the eyes by filling your brows with a soft matte shadow that matches your hair color. If you are fair skin use a light color shadow on the brow bone and a vanilla shade for deeper complexions. Remember to use matte shades because these won’t reflect color in the photographs. Avoid dark color on the eyes because it can detract from the eyes themselves. The key word to keep and support the perfect makeup for a bride is water-resistant. That special day the bride is excited and happy and sometimes that leads to tears of joy. Apply water-resistant eyeliner or a shadow and make it last by applying it with a damp flat brush, then use water proof mascara. To make your eyes pop after applying the eye makeup use a highlighter shade on the brow bone. Pat lightly on the outer corner of the brow bone.

Does you New Years Resolution include you becoming known? You may be looking to get your face, product and/or service in the media so it’s important to know how to do you makeup for the camera. It’s not the same as putting on your everyday makeup it requires different products and sometimes different tools to have your makeup look great for HD quality media.

Being a Red Carpet Makeup Artist with upcoming gigs like the Golden Globes and the Grammy’s I know a thing or two to help you shine when under those hot camera lights. I’m pretty booked this time of year, but want to make sure that all women are set up for success in front of the camera. If you have never taken lessons from a professional makeup artist that isn’t trying to sell you products at the end of the session you owe it to yourself and your professional image to do so.

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