When you create your content articles it is important that you use the right article marketing strategy. If you are writing for your blog or for an article directory you need to satisfy various requirements to ensure success. Using key phrases is one of the main requirements, and correct keyword selection will enable potential readers as well as the search engines.

This is why it is so critical to understand keyword strategy and apply it to all of your online article creation activities..

Every keyword should be carefully chosen. Once you have chosen your initial set of keywords, the next step is to see which web sites are using these keywords and phrases. Do that by performing a simple Google search which in turn will yield search results showing your main competitors for that search term.

By the way, when looking at your competitors you will see a large number of competing sites. Don’t necessarily be put off by this. One of the steps I always take is to look at Page Rank for just the top 10 results for my key term.

If most of the entries belong https://www.revistasileno.es to sites with page rank of less than say PR2, that tells me that I have a good chance of ranking on the first page for that particular search term. See what I mean when I say you need an effective article marketing strategy?

What Is Necessary to Write an Effective Article?

Many network marketers tell me they can’t write or hate to write. Here is my usual response. Get over it! Writing is simply an expression of you. You can talk OK, can’t you? Sure. Writing is simply ‘talk in print’. That is all it is.

Look at it this way. As a network marketer I presume that you are looking for a less painful way of promoting your business, hence the reason why you’re reading this article. Generating leads from blogging and article marketing is one of the premier ways that on line marketers operate.

Now that I’ve sorted that problem for ya, let’s take a quick look at some of the key elements of your article.

When writing your article for a directory, your next objective for your article marketing strategy should be to lead a reader towards the author bio box at the bottom of the page. Avoid the use of big words, sentences and paragraphs. If you have a lot of text, break it up into smaller paragraphs.

Avoid placing links inside your article as it will be rejected. They need to only be placed in your author bio box.

Another tip is to use bullet points to create more visual interest.

Use Eye-Catching Headlines

The effective use of headlines and sub headlines helps to stimulate interest, and catch the reader’s eye.

Headings are essential in content articles – and they should be short and eye-catching.

Article Body Should Be Interesting to Read

You should insert your search phrases once at the beginning of the article, quite a few instances in the body, and once more in the last sentence. Common sense dictates that you should NOT stuff your article with keywords. Above all your article should be engaging and give the reader what they’re looking for.

The more effective you are at that, the more likely it is that the reader will stay with you and check out your resource box and click your link, which is your key objective (apart from securing a back link of course).

When you have finished your article you can create different versions of the same article for other directories. You need to do this because article directories and search engines alike insist on unique content in every instance. (Google will only index 1 copy of an article and ignore the rest.)

The above thoughts reflect my experience at using an affective article marketing strategy.

If you really want to generate leads from the best prospects, blogging and article marketing is the way to go. But before you put ‘pen to paper’ it is imperative to have an effective that works for you.

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