Siri seems to be the most popular voice assistance till date. Apple has incorporated various features and functionalities to ensure that this voice assistant provides the best user experience ever to an iPhone user. Even after this, it is not the only speech enabled search assistant and in fact not the best either. Google too have its voice-enabled assistant. If you are wondering Google search is better or Siri is better then you might want to take a look at what both have to offer.

How is Google better?

Google has enabled its voice assistant with search capabilities that is designed for iOS users. The voice input capability comes handy for carrying out search within document and even outside it. Additionally, if you have an iOS enabled device that does not Buy Google Reviews support Siri you can still download the voice by Google. Unlike Siri that is only available for iPhone 4 and above version.

The best thing about the voice search by Google is that the search result is much better as compared against Siri. For example when you ask questions from Google voice you will find it relatively speedier as against Siri. The time it takes to launch the search is lesser as against the Apple voice assistant.

As soon as you pose a question to Siri, the immediate step it takes is sending your voice recording to the server then converting your speech to text and then conducting search functionality. This is time consuming. As against Google app, it directly converts your speech to text and launches the search as specified by you. This means that Google has the capability of recognizing your word correctly and quickly. Additionally, if you are voicing out a name then it will automatically capitalize the words as spoken by a user. This way it takes a lead over Siri providing a personal touch to a user.

Google is also capable of displaying the details of a search result along with voice over. For example, you are searching for Himalayas; you will get voice response with its spelling, mentioning its height along with its location. Siri on the other hand would only display the text. Now who would not prefer the latter one with voice input instead of plain textual display.

On a final note, Google voice search is faster and better than Siri. Google is able to fetch your search results in about 15 seconds while for Siri the time goes up by 26 second. Now this indeed is a long waiting time for any technology user.