How many days a week, a month, a year, do we enter the comfort zone? What is the comfort zone you ask Y2mate? The comfort zone is the everyday habits that we perform automatically to control our thinking, our actions and our lives.

We ride to work every day on the same route we eat breakfast with the same food at the same place. We wake up at the same time and drive to work the same way every day. We watch TV every night with the same shows. This comfort zone run’s our lives by directing the same actions and thoughts. The action of doing the same thing day after day is a no brainer. No really it creates zero brain growth. As humans we like things comfortable and easy. In fact, the less thinking the better is kind of pre-wired. Most people try to avoid moving out of their comfort zone.

But here’s the thing, if we want to become more successful we must force ourselves out of the comfort zone. We need to seek out stimulating, insightful information and activities. We need to have things that grow our brains and that will help us to analyze and solve challenges. When you go outside your comfort zone it doesn’t have to be monumental. It can be a simple change in our daily lives to begin with. The key is to start stepping out and keeping stepping out to grow.

There are many people in history that applied these concepts. One of the most famous and successful people who used this concept was Albert Einstein. Did you know that when science looked at his brain he had connections between both the left and the right side of his brain? This is very unusual for the average brain but the key to this was that he was always looking at ways to push himself out of his comfort zone.