System Applications and Products in Data Processing or SAP fits best in a large complex organization which can make use of the Enterprise Resource Planning software solution. SAP has tried to streamline the implementation process and template ERP software to make it more useful. SAP has migrated the Enterprise Resource Planning software using the NetWeaver architecture. It is a leading software company and focuses on many sectors of the industries. It offers a number of industry solutions for large enterprises and for smaller businesses. SAP offers flexible ERP software which is used for back office business. It works on a three tier distributed architecture and so can be integrated to any database. SAP also works on another service oriented architecture called NetWeaver.

SAP Blog | What is SAP & why is it important?

SAP ERP implementation has many advantages due to its features and functionality. SAP can be adopted by any industry easily and it is apt for big organizations which have complex business processes. SAP ERP provides flexible solution for the organization’s requirements as it defines the business plans at various stages. It offers a solution for the back office processes and work flow sap 系統. SAP ERP can be integrated easily and is easy to work on the databases of different vendors. Apart from these benefits of ERP from SAP, SAP has some disadvantages too. The implementation of SAP ERP is a difficult procedure and the costs involved are also high. The flexibility factor which is an advantage can turn into a disadvantage as too much flexibility raises risks. ERP from SAP can take long to be implemented and the maintenance costs are also high.

Oracle is in competition to SAP. SAP has a major market in Enterprise Resource Planning software but is one of the expensive solutions and it takes a long time to implement it. The software aids the organizations to increasing their efficiency and profitability. The plus point of ERP from SAP is the platform technology which gives it an edge over its competition. The software running on the Netweaver enhances integrity of different modules. ERP from SAP covers the areas of business so as to provide a complete automated environment in the organization. It has main modules and sub modules which have advanced features which offer efficient working. SAP authorization concept generally deals with providing access to SAP software. It works like a combination of multiple key systems, having a number of locks and keys. A SAP administrator ensures that access to the system is limited and that end users get only the required level of access.

The functioning of the entire system is quite similar to the operation of a bank locker access system. To access your own bank locker, you must open the main bank door with a key. Similarly, when you want to access the SAP System, you need a key in the form of User ID and Password.

Once you have access to the main bank door, you need access to enter the locker room. Now you must use the second key to get into the locker room. The SAP system works in the same way. You need SAP transaction codes to have access to the SAP System. If you know the codes, you can access SAP system. If you want to create a vendor payment for an invoice, you can easily do that with SAP transaction.

The third step is having access to the Safe Vault. In a bank, once we get into the bank locker room, we must have keys to open the Safe Vault, which has locker boxes. Similarly, in the SAP system, we need security authorization objects, which have the key combinations, to help us get to the boxes containing the valuables.

The fourth step is to open the box to get access to the valuables. Here, we have to use our own key or number combination to open the box. Similarly, in a SAP system, when you combine locker room access (transaction), Safe Vault access (Authorization objects) and locker box access (authorization), you get access to the data.

The combination of all these keys is called SAP authorization profile, which is assigned to the user. The authorization profile determines the transactions the can be performed in the system. The job of the SAP Security administrator is to make sure that the SAP user is able to see and access the data required for performing their routine task.

SAP authorization concept is primarily meant to prevent unauthorized access to programs, transactions, and services in the system. There are some tools in SAP, such as profile generator, which help the SAP Security administrator to create and manage SAP authorization profiles and enable access to data stored in the system.