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Career Prospects to SBI Associates PO Exam Aspirants

The various exams conducted as a part of recruitment process to select candidates for the position of Bank Probationary Officer (PO) are SBI Associates PO Exam, IBPS PO exam etc Certified Ethical Hacker exam. Even before thinking of Bank job as a career option, you should be aware of the roles and responsibilities of a […]

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How to Pray – Forgiveness is Your Path to Miracles

I’m a big fan and student of A Course in Miracles, but at first the text and Lessons seem quite difficult to comprehend because the Course is written in iambic pentameter! Through this series of articles, it is my intention to share in a simple, easy-to-understand way, some of the words, prayers and lessons that […]

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Researching Online Degree Programs

It has become very straightforward to find a university that offers online degree programs and to check if these programs would be suitable for you. You can use any search engine to search for universities by field of study, by the name of the university if you already know one, or you can search by […]

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What You Should Know When Pursuing A University Degree

More money: This is a no-brainer. According to the state higher education executive officer’s association, those with bachelor degrees earn almost twice than those with high school diplomas. The higher the level of education, the more money you make. While the amount you make varies depending on the gender, the course of study and location, […]

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Math Is Not Hard!

As a math tutor for 15 years, I have tutored hundreds of students from all the grade levels. I found most of the students were not comfortable with mathematics. More than 80% of them said, “the mathematics is very hard.” Why do most of the students find mathematics a hard subject and try to avoid […]

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Educational Leadership in the 21st Century

Education plays a unique role right from the birth of humanity in its onward journey. In the background of the emerging global country of 21st century, education has incomparably challenging roles to play. The ‘global family’ becomes a close -knit community, minimizing and eliminating geographic, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and all other barriers and the […]

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Higher Education Degree Programs

Do you exhibit excellent organizational skills, communicate effectively, enjoy working with the latest technology, and want a rewarding career in education? Then, perhaps you should consider obtaining a degree in higher education if working at a college or university sounds appealing. Higher education professionals are also very dedicated to their work. This education will not […]

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